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Bandit 9 inch Brush Chipper

Bandit 9" Brush Chipper


The heart and soul of Bandit Industries is the hand-fed Brush Bandit® chipper. The very first Model 100 Brush Bandit chipper was built in 1983, and tens of thousands have been built in the decades since, serving tree care professionals and municipalities in all conditions all around the world.


Designs have changed through the years, but Bandit’s commitment to quality, durability and dependable production have remained the same. All Bandit hand-fed chippers are primarily hand-built by specialists, utilizing the highest quality components and assembled with solid, welded construction. That’s why Bandit hand-fed chippers have earned the reputation for simply being the best hand-fed chippers on the market. And it’s why all Bandit hand-fed chippers are backed by an available five-year GUTS warranty.


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