Product Info

Inflatable Dry Slide - 18' Mod. Wet & Dry Slide with Landing 

  • Manufacturer: einflatables
  • Model Number: # 712

We're proud to introduce the World's First Wet & Dry Modular Slides to hit the marketplace. The small footprint makes them perfect for backyard birthday parties. This unit can be rented all year long either as a dry slide during winter or as a water slide during the summer. 

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1.   Removable slide surface sheets.
2.   Removable step walkway.
3.   Removable entrance/exit mats.
4.   No-jump safety mesh at top.
5.   Dual side inflation tubes with covers.
6.   Multiple deflation quick release zippers.
7.   Reinforcement strips on all seams.
8.   Double reinforced stitching on all seams.
9.   Highest quality craftsmanship and materials.
10. Instruction booklet for safe installations.